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Specialization in sports tourism

Physical activity is often a priority for travellers, whether they are on vacation or on a business trip.  

The availability of facilities adapted to the practice of cycling in the hotel as well as its quality determines the hotel’s category and becomes a key element in the final decision of the guests.

In order to meet customers’ expectations, it is necessary to take into account a number of aspects to be able to offer facilities capable of meeting requirements of both amateur cyclists as well as national and international professional teams.

This service includes comprehensive strategic consulting, ranging from a detailed analysis of facilities to a complete strategic plan, as well as consulting services to define the operational framework of the facilities associated with cycling.

This strategic plan includes the following developmental aspects in order to convert a facility into a high-performance cycling centre.


ctivity-Based Management includes the following five aspects:

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Management Model

Garage and Maintenance
Safety, comfort, accessibility, spare parts / repairs / tools service, storage.

Store, Rentals, Adjustments
Sports drinks, gels, energy bars, supplements, clothing, accessories, ergonomic adjustment of the frame / seat / handle, logistic map / catalogue map / road map.

Performance Enhancement
Specific gym equipment (weight training / toning), individual portable hypoxia equipment.

Rest Centre
Individual group / team areas, cleaning / drying stations, specific recreational areas: TV room / Wi-Fi / Resting / Reading.

Recovery Centre
Spa, swimming pool, turkish baths / sauna, massage / physical therapy, pro-cycling nutrition, nutrition safety.

The consultancy service ranges from the analysis of the facilities to the definition of the management model, based on clients’ budgets and specific requirements, allowing its modularity.

Concept Outline (Cycling Consulting)

  1. Garage and Maintenance
  2. Store, Rentals, Adjustments
  3. Performance Enhancement
  4. Rest Centre
  5. Recovery Centre