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Event Management and Organization

TONI COLOM WORLD was founded with the purpose of satisfying the necessities detected in a number of entities and administrations, both public and private, responsible for promoting sports services and activities.

The work style characterized by TONI COLOM WORLD is based on quality of service and event success, and we always keep in mind as our fundamental premise the satisfaction of the client, sponsors, participants and spectators/authorities.

TONI COLOM WORLD encompasses all aspects of Sports Management, thereby offering our clients a complete service that resolves all their doubts and problems.

Our Event Management services can include:

  • Complete organisation of sporting events (ready to go).
  • Assistance with a particular activity within the organisation of a sporting event.
  • Assistance and consulting services for the organisation and management of sporting events.
  • Mystery Guest in sporting events.

TONI COLOM WORLD and its personnel have ample experience in the organization of all types of sporting events targeted to different sorts of clients. We assist and manage both federative and recreational sporting events, taking care of all aspects, including:

  • Logistics of all equipment necessary to carry out the event (accreditations, numbers, etc.)
  • Planning of all the stages of the event, press conferences, sponsor presentation, opening ceremony, awarding trophies, etc.
  • Transportation and travel arrangements
  • Recruiting and managing support personnel, attendants, assistants, security personnel, etc.
  • Catering, specialised food, beverages, etc.
  • Health Care and Anti-Doping Control
  • Organisation and management of event security
  • Communications and protocol