Toni Colom Handiworld

If you sow the seed with faith and care for it with perseverance, it’s only a matter of time before you reap the rewards.

In this area, we refer to a specific line of activities specifically designed for Adapted Sports, within which we include the following groups:

  • People with intellectual disabilities
  • People with motor disabilities
  • People with sensory disabilities


Adapted Sports is a fundamental activity in the personal and social development of the individual who practices it.

Any person who has a disability must cope with a society based on parameters called “normal”; those parameters usually become the barriers which people with disabilities must face.

Sports will help strengthen his or her psyche (affectivity, emotion, perception, control, cognitive capacity, etc.). But without a doubt, the main area of improvement is that of self-improvement, thus promoting social insertion as a stepping stone prior to full integration.



“People with disabilities are healthy and happy” and “Sports is a tool for transmitting the values of this group of people".

What are the objectives of Toni Colom Handiworld?

  • To organize adapted sporting events mainly within the area of instruction.
  • To acquire necessary sports equipment adapted for people with disabilities.
  • To educate people and volunteers who can help people with disabilities practice adapted sports.
  • Publicize and promote these activities throughout Spain in seminars, conventions, courses, exhibitions, competitions, and any other possible forums.
  • Seek financing and donations to sponsor adapted sports.

Adapted sports events and activities developed in Toni Colom Handiworld:

  • Cycling (indoor and outdoor)
  • Triathlon competitions