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1st Palma European Cycling

On March 1, Toni Colom organised the First Edition of Palma European Cycling, the goal of which is to promote youth sports, to bring professional cyclists closer to the public and to revive an historic event that had not taken place in the Camino de la Escollera for more than 50 years.

Cyclists of all categories participated in the race, which also paid tribute to the German veteran former cyclist Marcel Wüst. The event’s finale showcased the exhibition of Carles Díaz Codina, Bike Trial World Champion.

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Improve your quality of life and personal satisfaction through sports

This exclusive consulting service encompasses the knowledge and training of a sports expert who, after more than a decade of personal success in professional sports, has decided to share his expertise and skills with anyone who would like to start practicing sports, to achieve goals or to improve his or her performance.

Event Management and Organisation

TONI COLOM WORLD was founded with the purpose of satisfying the necessities detected in a number of entities and administrations, both public and private, responsible for promoting sports services and activities. The work style characterized by TONI COLOM WORLD is based on quality of service and event success, and we always keep in mind as our fundamental premise the satisfaction of the client, sponsors, participants and spectators/authorities.

Sports & Tourism Consulting

TONI COLOM WORLD provides a personalised 360 degree sports consulting service.  We complete the package with a methodical analysis of initial status and requirements, after which we plan courses of action, their execution and, lastly, verification and review of the process to redefine anything if necessary. Every stage of the project is guaranteed, focusing on the successful accomplishment of goals and fulfilment of requirements as requested by the client in a clear, concise and simple fashion.

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