Toni Colom World News

1st Palma European Cycling

On March 1, Toni Colom organised the First Edition of Palma European Cycling, the goal of which is to promote youth sports, to bring professional cyclists closer to the public and to revive an historic event that had not taken place in the Camino de la Escollera for more than 50 years.

Cyclists of all categories participated in the race, which also paid tribute to the German veteran former cyclist Marcel Wüst. The event’s finale showcased the exhibition of Carles Díaz Codina, Bike Trial World Champion.

1st Ciutat de Palma Cycle Track Challenge

After two years without cycling events, last April the Son Moix Cycle Track regained its splendour thanks to the Toni Colom World group. The competition lasted three days, during which more than one hundred cyclists of all categories participated and enjoyed 21 different events.

Toni Colom trains to make the jump to the TUI International Marathon

Toni Colom is in search of new goals, new challenges. The former professional cyclist is considering the possibility of participating in the 2011 TUI Marathon. Aware of the change in sports discipline this would require, he faces one of the most demanding competitions with strength and excitement.