Move forward without looking back, achieve your goals, improve your quality of life  
Philosophy / values




  • National and International Cycling trainer.
  • National and International Triathlon trainer.
  • Master’s Degree in High Performance
  • Specialist Technician in Sports Nutrition
  • Cycling Sports Manager
  • National Trainer
  • Coach of Football Little Leagues
  • Degree in Sports Fitness
  •  Advanced Technical Degree in Hypoxia Chambers

Courses and seminars

  • “First Aid”, EBE
  • “Variability of Heart Rate in Physical Activity and in Sports”, University of Granada
  • “Fitness for the Elderly”, EBE
  • “Sports Training from Basics to Professional Level”, RFEC 
  • “Sports Schools, Women's Cycling, Doping Prevention”, University of Granada
  • “Sociology Applied to Sports˝, RFEC
  • ˝Specialist Technician in the Ergometer System”, CycleOps
  • “Child Nutrition”, IFES
  • “Biomechanics Applied to Sports”, RFEC
  • “Cycling Mechanics”, Specialized
  • “Prevention of Sports Injuries”, ISED

Other Skills


  • Native speaker in Spanish and Catalan
  • Fluent in Italian
  • Intermediate level in English

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc)
  • Windows XP
  • Outlook
  • Power Agent
  • SRM Win
  • SRM Training System

Work Experience


  • Technician at the Balearic School of Sports
  • Sports Technical Advisor for FCIB
  • Director of Toni Colom World
  • Organizer and Events Manager
    • Complete organisation of sporting events (ready to go)
    • Assistance with a particular activity within the organisation of a sporting event.
    • Assistance and consulting services for the organisation and management of sporting events.
    • Mystery Guest in sporting events
  • Design of the FCIB Sports Project
  • Coach Trainer

2010 – Presentation of the “Expansion of Cycle Tourism in the Balearic Islands” Project
2010 – 2009 – Sports CEO of Sport Podium
2009 – Strategic advisor of commercial development for Podium Slot
2009 – Product Manager: Expansion Strategy for the Barceló Pueblo Park Hotel (cycle tourism)