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Majorca Training Camp


A Training Camp is a day’s group training session combining sports and tourism across Majorca’s landscape. This exercise is targeted mainly at cyclists, athletes and triathletes.

Participants, along with Toni Colom —former professional cyclist— and his team, will travel different routes to complete a training plan ranging from three to five days. Idyllic and fun-filled days, which combine group competition with technical improvement, performance enhancement and individual learning.

The mileage and timetable of the Training Camp will depend on the individual and the group, and it will never exceed 6 hours in duration.


The Training Camp includes:

  • Group outing
  • Provisioning: energy bars, sports drinks, water, fruit, gels
  • Spare parts: tires, inner tube, seat, chain, pedals
  • Support team monitoring, with sports equipment and medical assistance (support vehicle)
  • Laundry and mechanics

Additional services include:

  • Sports massage
  • Biomechanical study: position on the bike and improvement proposal
  • Bicycle rental
  • Sales of sports equipment: bikes, jerseys, shoes, etc.