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Oriented towards beginner, amateur and professional athletes with the specific, exclusive methodology of TCM & Elite Training and an individual work program adapted to personal characteristics and aptitudes.

  • Improvement of physical performance (speed, endurance, strength, etc.)
  • Personalised fitness program (track & field, triathlon, Ironman, cycling, fitness, etc.)
  • Overall well-being (anti-stress therapy, posture control, back pains, knees, etc.)
  • Improvement of personal image (weight loss, toning up, muscle definition, etc.)

The primary objective is to attain the greatest physical and athletic performance possible for each one of you, in a controlled and progressive manner, applying the most appropriate technique and most innovative training programs in order to analyze your cardiovascular, metabolic, biomechanical and psychological capacity.

  • Submaximal test, including lactose and glucose tests
  • Spirometry
  • Plicometry
  • Blood pressure and oxygen saturation

Training method TONI COLOM WORLD & Elite Training

The three fundamental pillars of action are as follows:

  • Technique analysis to imitate the ideal model of execution of a movement in a certain sport.
  • Performance analysis to obtain the optimum combination of our stamina, strength, power and psychomotor development.
  • Nutritional analysis to guarantee sufficient energy and nutrient levels necessary for our activity



Integrating everything into specific individualized training plans guaranteeing proper activity and rest.  (What works for one person does not necessarily have to work for another, and in fact could be harmful for someone else.)